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Table 1 Pre-test: virtual reality trainer laparoscopic basic skills tasks

From: Does rating the operation videos with a checklist score improve the effect of E-learning for bariatric surgical training? Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Basic skills Excercise
Camera manipulation The 30° angle camera is used to locate 10 balls and take a photo
Eye-hand coordination Blue or red color objects have to be touched with the same color instrument tip
Clip applying Ducts have to be clipped in order to stop water leakage
Clipping and grasping Ducts have to be grasped and pulled to avoid water leakage
Two-handed maneuvers Balls have to be grasped from a jelly mass and placed into a jelly bowl with the use of both hands
Cutting A circular form has to be cut with scissors while retracting it
Electrocautery Highlighted bands have to be cut with the hook cautery
Peg transfer Pegs have to be transferred from non-dominant hand to the other hand mid-air and placed on that side of the board and then transferred to the other side the same way