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Table 1 A Description of the eight modules for the transdiagnostic unified protocol in the intervention group

From: Cardiovascular Health in Anxiety or Mood Problems Study (CHAMPS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

   Transdiagnostic unified protocol
Module Session Content
1. Preliminary module 1 Focusing on enhancing motivation and readiness for change and treatment engagement
2. Psychoeducation 2 Educating patients on the nature of emotions and providing a framework for understanding their emotional experiences
3. Present focused awareness 3 – 4 Increasing present focused emotion awareness
4. Cognitive flexibility 5 – 7 Increasing cognitive flexibility
5. Emotion-driven behaviors 8 – 11 Identifying and preventing patterns of emotion avoidance and maladaptive emotion-driven behaviors
6. Emotion awareness and tolerance 12 - 15 Increasing awareness and tolerance of emotion-related physical sensations
7. Exposure 16 – 17 Interoceptive and situation-based emotion focused exposure
8. Summary 18 (or earlier if required) Summarizing the relevant techniques attained and developing relapse prevention strategies.