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Table 5 Demographic and baseline clinical characteristics for REPORT #1

From: Strategic use of new generation antidepressants for depression: SUN(^_^) D protocol update and statistical analysis plan

  50 mg/d arm 100 mg/d arm
 Age, mean (SD), min-max   
 Sex, n (%)   
 Education n (%)   
  Junior High school   
 Job n (%)   
  Employed full time   
 Marriage n (%)   
  Single, never married   
 Age of onset at first episode, years,   
 Number of previous depressive episodes, N (%)   
 Length of current episode, months   
 Out- or inpatient status at time of entry, N (%)   
 PHQ9 at time 0,   
 Mean (SD), range   
 PHQ9 at baseline,   
 Mean (SD), range   
 BDI at baseline,   
 Mean (SD), range   
 Physical conditions, N (%)   
 No physical comorbidity