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Table 3 Initial survey respondent roles

From: Identifying trial recruitment uncertainties using a James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership – the PRioRiTy (Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials) study

Which one of the following best describes your main role in a randomised trial?
Answer options Number Percentage
A person invited to take part in a trial 83 12
A researcher involved in recruiting participants 154 21
A non-researcher (e.g. clinician or health professional) involved in recruiting participants 77 11
A principal/chief investigator 124 17
A researcher involved in aspects of the trial other than frontline recruitment 183 26
A trial methodologist (someone who specializes in the methods of how trials are designed, run, analysed and reported) 87 12
Other (please specify) 9 1
Totala 717 100
  1. aData were missing in 73 respondents