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Table 1 Intervention group exercise program

From: Effect of supervised exercise in groups on psychological well-being among pregnant women at risk of depression (the EWE Study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Duration Intervention Description of exercise Load
10 minutes Warm-up
Up to each teacher Has to include:
• Light cardiovascular exercise
• Mobilization of shoulder/back/pelvis
Neck stretching: standing in a circle, perform shoulder rotations and elevations
Exercise of low intensity
Walking in a circle: forward, backward, and sideways
Shoulder/spine/pelvic mobility
1. Arm swings (one arm + both arms)
2. Arm swings in a kayak-paddling motion
3. Lateral flexions
4. Pelvic tilts (anterior, posterior, bilateral, figure eights)
5. On all fours, flexion/extension of the spine to find the neutral position
Borg Scale 7–10
20 minutes Endurance training Exercise bikes, treadmills, or cross-trainers Borg Scale 11–15
25 minutes Strength training
Pelvic floor
1. On all fours: elevation of the extremities to engage the back and hamstrings; diagonal lift, 3 × 10 repetitions followed by a 10-second isometric hold; there is a short break after each isometric hold
2. Supine position: upper extremity flexion/extension to strengthen the upper arms and pectoral muscles; 3 × 10 repetitions; 60-second break after each of the three sets
3. Squats: strengthening of the thighs and gluteal muscles; 3 × 12 repetitions; 60-second break after each of the three sets
Supine position (or side-lying position if preferred)
1. Short muscle squeeze × 10
2. Squeeze held for 6–8 seconds × 20 with a 6- to 8-second break between each squeeze
3. Squeeze held for 30 seconds × 2 with a 15-second break between each squeeze
60–70% of one-repetition maximum endurance
15 minutes Stretching and relaxation
Up to each teacher Has to include:
• Breathing exercises
• Relaxation
• Stretching
Relaxation compact disc or verbal guiding with emphasis on breathing; approximately 5 minutes
Stretching of the big muscle groups:
• Pectoralis major
• Gluteus maximus
• Quadriceps
• Triceps surae
Borg Scale 6