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Table 2 Clinical outcomes

From: Balanced crystalloids versus saline in the intensive care unit: study protocol for a cluster-randomized, multiple-crossover trial

Outcome Saline (n =) Balanced (n =) Adjusted OR (95% CI) Adjusted P value
Primary outcome
 Major Adverse Kidney Event within 30 days, n (%)
Secondary clinical outcomes
 In-hospital mortality, n (%)
  Before ICU discharge
  Before 30 days
  Before 60 days
 ICU-free days, median [IQR]
  Mean ± SD   
 Ventilator-free days, median [IQR]
  Mean ± SD   
 Vasopressor-free days, median [IQR]
  Mean ± SD   
 RRT-free days, median [IQR]
  Mean ± SD   
Secondary renal outcomes
 Serum creatinine, mg/dl
  Highest before discharge or day 30, mg/dl, median [IQR]
  Change from baseline to highest value, mg/dl, median [IQR]
  Final value before discharge or 30 days, mg/dl, median [IQR]
   Among survivors, mg/dl, median [IQR]
  Final creatinine ≥200% baseline, n (%)
   Among survivors to hospital discharge
   Among survivors to hospital discharge without new RRT
Acute kidney injury, stage 2 or higher, n (%)
  Developing after enrollment
 Receipt of new RRT, No. (%)
  Duration of in-hospital receipt, days, median [IQR]
  Continued receipt after hospital discharge, n (%)
  1. ICU Intensive care unit, RRT Renal replacement therapy