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Table 3 Neurocognitive outcome measures

From: The use of everolimus in the treatment of neurocognitive problems in tuberous sclerosis (TRON): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Name of measure
Eligibility visit screening measures Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (four subtests) [17]
Edinburgh Handedness Inventory [18]
Primary outcome measures Complex Figure test and List Learning test from the BIRT Memory and Information Processing Battery [20]
Spatial Working Memory and Stockings of Cambridge from the CANTAB [21]
Telephone search dual task from the Test of Everyday Attention [22]
Secondary outcome measures Information Processing Battery, spatial span and attentional set-shifting (IDED) from the CANTAB [21]
Cancellation task and Verbal Fluency from the Controlled Oral Word Association Test [23]
Symptom Checklist-90-Revised [24]
Quality of Life in Epilepsy [25]
Liverpool Seizure Severity Scale [26]
Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales-II (survey form) [27]
Social Responsiveness Scale – Adult version [28]
Social Communication Questionnaire [29]
National Adult Reading Test [19]
  1. Abbreviations: BIRT Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, CANTAB Cambridge Neurocognitive Test Automated Battery, IDED intra-dimensional/extra-dimensional