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Table 2 Time schedule of enrollment, interventions, and assessments

From: Electroacupuncture for postoperative pain and gastrointestinal motility after laparoscopic appendectomy (AcuLap): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Study period
Enrollment Allocation Post-allocation Close-out
TIMEPOINT -t1 0 t0 t1 t2 tx tx+1
Eligibility screen X        
Informed consent X        
Allocation   X       
Electroacupuncture    X X X    
Sham electroacupuncture    X X X    
Passing flatus    X X X X X  
Postoperative pain    X X X X X  
Analgesics    X X X X X  
Nausea/vomiting    X X X X X  
Bowel motility    X X X X X  
Tolerability to diet    X X X X X  
Complications    X X X X X  
Time to recovery    X X X X X  
Fulfillment of defined discharge criteria    X X X X X  
Patient’s agreement to discharge    X X X X X  
Quality of life         X
Hospital stay         X
Readmission rate         X
Medical costs         X
Protocol failure rate         X
  1. -t1, time before operation; t0, operation day; t1-tx, postoperative day 1 to postoperative day X (= actual discharge day); tx+1, the first visit day on outpatient clinic after discharge