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Table 1 Time-points for collection of patient reported outcomes and clinical outcomes for the PeNTAGOn study

From: A nurse- and peer-led support program to assist women in gynaecological oncology receiving curative radiotherapy, the PeNTAGOn study (Peer and nurse support trial to assist women in gynaecological oncology): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Time-point Questionnaire
Baseline & clinical exam I: (pre-treatment) Demographic and clinical variables, HADS, FACT-G, SCNS-SF34-R, MSAS-SF, SVQ, clinical exam I (LENT SOMA scale)
Follow-up 1: (immediately prior to first radiotherapy) HADS, CaTS
Follow-up 2: (4 weeks post radiotherapy and post intervention) HADS, FACT-G, SCNS-SF34-R, MSAS-SF, AQ, CaTS and Patient Care evaluation & Referrals
Clinical exam II (3 months post radiotherapy) Clinical exam II (LENT SOMA scale)
Follow-up 3 & clinical exam III: (6 months post radiotherapy) HADS, FACT-G, AQ, SVQ, clinical exam III (LENT SOMA scale)
Follow-up 4 & clinical exam IV: (12 months post radiotherapy) HADS, FACT-G, AQ, SVQ, clinical exam IV (LENT SOMA scale)
  1. AQ, Adherence questionnaire; CaTS, Cancer Treatment Survey; FACT-G, Functional Assessment for Cancer Therapy - General; HADS, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale; LENT SOMA, Late Effects of Normal Tissues / Subjective-Objective Management Analytic; MSAS-SF, Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale Short Form; SCNS-SF34-R, Supportive Care Needs Survey - short form, Revised response format; SVQ, Sexual function-vaginal changes questionnaire.